Synesthesia Interactive Installation

Over the last month, we developed a proposal for an interactive installation at Detour Creative Festival in Hong Kong.

Project Description

is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. This installation takes this condition as a starting point to create an interactive sound to light installation.

The premise behind the installation is reminiscent of ‘cup and string telephone’ games that kids play. The installation is composed of a 3-Dimensional Maze made of frosted acrylic pipes and copper pipe bends. Participants will be able to talk into and hear out of the ends of the pipes thereby interacting with the structure and each other. A series of embedded sensors convert these sound waves to light trails that can be seen running through the pipes using LED strips. Sound from the participant will be transposed to determine the length, frequency and colour of the light trail. This ‘digital-analog’ hybrid way of interaction will help participants interface with new technology like sensors and IoT in a manner that feels comfortable and playful.

Synesthesia : Making of

Advanced Computational Protocols are used to design the installation, yet the overall aesthetic of the installation visually references a lot of old objects like exposed pipes that are visible in most buildings in Hong Kong, or telecommunication technologies like fiber optic cables or pneumatic tube systems. The embedded technology allows users to interact with these old objects in new ways and this fusion of old piping systems fused with new LEDs leads to a cyberpunk aesthetic that has come to symbolize Hong Kong.

The installation also tries to visualize the invisible flow of information in the digital world thereby creating layers of meaning and playfulness that participants can interact with or just sit back and watch.