Renovation Filters Step 2: Design Options


Embed Different Design Options within the same file in a clean way

In a previous post in Enzyme Asia Blog we talked about how to use Renovation Filters. This feature in Archicad helps to develop a Project in which we have old structures and pre-existing environments that are going to be modified by our intervention like in Renovations or Refurbishments.
We learned how to use it in order to control the status of the project being able to manage the project data and Model depending on the stage of development: Existing Plan, New Construction, Demolition Plan, etc..
In this short Video – Tutorial we explain how to use one feature of the Renovation Filters with a different purpose. There is an option called “Show on Renovation Filter” which allows us to constrain an element to be shown only in on particular Renovation Filter. In this way we can create our own Renovation Filters and show in each one the elements we want without necessity of changing layers or attributes.

Several Options in the same file with Different level of Development
This Renovation Filters that we create will become our Design Options. Something very useful during the Design Process..

Watch our tutorial to learn how it works..
Renovation Filters 2 1080p from EnzymeApd on Vimeo.