REDAS BIM Symposium 2017 Singapore. Integrated Delivery Through BIM

Hello Everyone,
Few weeks ago had place in Singapore the Redas BIM Symposium 2017. We were lucky to be invited by Graphisoft to this event and present our work and also conduct a workshop using the the ARCHICAD -Grasshopper connexion. As I mentioned previously Singapore is quite advance in terms of BIM implementation in the Construction Industry.
We attended a very impressive presentation from Dragages Singapore about the implementation of BIM in the PPVC (Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction) projects. It was showcased how BIM can highly improve the construction of projects that are mainly built using prefabricated construction processes.

Representative from Dragages Singapore Showcases the presentation BIM VDC  – Key To Achieving Higher Value In PPVC
Surbana Jurong shared the advantages of a multidisciplinary approach to BIM in big residential developments. But the integration of BIM with VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) is an enhanced workflow that gives the clients and all stakeholders a better control of the process.
The advantages of implementing BIM on the construction stage are already well known by the industry. From Enzyme we have always promoted the advantages of using a BIM workflow from the beginning of a project, as a Design tool. In our experience ARCHICAD is a very appropriate tool in this sense. But is very motivating to listen the same message from other speakers promote the same idea. This attitude of implementing BIM as early as possible was shared by all the speakers.

Singapore promotes strongly the implementation of technology innovations in the construction industry. All stakeholders in this industry understand that we will have higher benefits in a project´s development the sooner we implement BIM.
During the second day’s workshop we had a hands on exercise of using the Connexion in between ARCHICAD and Grasshopper in the development of a big tower project. It is well known, and I don’t want to repeat myself too much in this topic, that the design process in Architecture is evolving thanks to a “Computational” approach. But this approach can be very well combined with BIM and that is what the workshop was about.

The reaction of the attendees was great. The questions and comment clearly showed that they understood exactly what is going on in our profession and how this process can be beneficial for them and their projects.
Once again it was a fresh motivational step in this long journey. I always have the feeling of recharging my batteries and fill my mind with inspiration when stoping by Singapore and learn more about where are we heading in the construction of our future cities.
Thank you for reading us!