Parametric Exercises in ARCHICAD I

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Hello everyone,
As you may know some of the members of our team have been testing already in alive projects the GRASSHOPPER – RHINO -ARCHICAD connexion.
In the example we are showing today we needed to model a complex facade solution for a project model in BIM. The complexity of the facade it doesn’t really only on the geometry itself but also in the necessity of adapt to a contour of the architecture that was likely to suffer some changes.
The elements of the facade were adapting to the curve of the volume of the building. During the design process these shapes vary slightly quite often. In case you just want to do a render from a particular point of view probably we could just leave it “more less” so it looks good.

But what happens when you want to produce drawings like elevations or sections from it? And what happens when you want to develop the project to a next stage? Precision and accuracy are required in a real Design process if you do not want to waste time doing abortive work and repeating drawings and mistakes. In BIM everything is connected for the sake of the project.
For this tipe of exercise we set up the Rhino – Grasshopper file to follow some rules from the ARCHICAD model, like the curve of the contour of the building. If that curve changes the facade will adapt accordingly.

We need also to set up some rules that allow us to create the elements of our facade relating it to points. We can control the amount of elements, its section thickness, material, type of profile, etc, from the Grasshopper plug in.



Of course during this process it is required to do some adjustments.



Later in archicad we can us the BIM strength to add information to those elements and extract 2D documentation from them.

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