MEP routing with ARCHICAD

Hi there!
As I was going through my Facebook feed today, I stumbled across a video shared by my friend Nader Belal, which I’m sharing below, about advanced MEP modelling techniques in ARCHICAD
Many people around these latitudes ask us if it is possible to model MEP elements inside ARCHICAD, – and the answer is:  YES, we certainly can!
ARCHICAD is a Software specialized in ‘Architecture’ and it is sold as such. But today’s post is a little tribute to the ARCHICAD MEP modeller, forgotten by both the users and the latest ARCHICAD updates and developments.

Historically you would call an architect to build your house and he/she would take care of everything that has to do with the design and construction of the building, therefore they would study as well the different building technologies. Still today, in several countries, including Spain (where I studied) and I believe Hungary too, architects are liable and responsible for the structural and MEP part of any project.
ARCHICAD is intended in its core for this: the design and building of Architectural projects. So among the other architectural elements, it has an optional set of tools, called the MEP modeller, allowing easily to model MEP Ducts & Pipes, and other elements from the different systems.

We have used it in a few projects, and particularly in the BIM development of a Farmaceutical warehouse in the outskirts of Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the interest of doing a BIM model came late to the party, so we, as BIM Consultants, had to develop a BIM model of a project already at a tender stage. The number of clashes and discrepancies found in the documentation was so large that at some point the client decided to dismiss the BIM model and wait for the contractor to build his own.

Time has passed, and now more and more clients and architects understand better the use of these models and all the benefits attached to the proper development of the project in a smart way.
From here I want to also encourage the developers in Graphisoft to spend a little time updating and fixing this wonderful tool, perhaps linking it too with the Live Connection and Rhino. Integrating it more into the core functions of the software.

Don’t miss the opportunity of watching these couple of videos showcasing the use of the ARCHICAD MEP modeller and don’t hesitate to try it for free here.