IFC Data export with Archicad – Data & Geometry

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Some time ago we wrote some articles summarising basic knowledge about the basics of OpenBIM from an Archicad user perspective. Before we try to exchange data using IFC Schema in a project I think is good to start with the basics.

During the past months, I also developed some videos explaining the basics of export data & geometry using the IFC schema from our project, focusing both in how to control the Data that we export, as well as the geometry translation implications.

These videos explain in a simple way the steps that we need take when exporting our project data using the IFC schema from our Archicad project. Let’s have quick look about what we can learn in these videos.

These videos are part of the “Empowering BIM Sessions” developed for the Channel of GRAPHISOFT Hong Kong. These series of videos showcase best practices of BIM use for real Architecture Projects at different stages.

1 – OpenBIM Geometry 1

In this video we explore the different options that we can chose when exporting our Geometry using the IFC Schema. We can simplify the geometry for coordination purposes or maintain the complexity with all components of all elements to maintain the precision for further coordination.

2 – OpenBIM Data 1

In this video we explore how to include and translate different Sets of Data in the element parts of our Project when we export information from Archicad to the Open Format using the IFC Schema. This data can be Read and Used by other BIM platforms for coordination purposes. Depending on the stage of the project or the purpose of the Data sharing, we will be able to choose the most useful and adequate settings for sharing our information.

3 – OpenBIM Data 2

In this video we learn how to manage the IFC Data within our project in Archicad. The key here is to understand: 

  1. The connexion in-between: Classification & IFC Types. How the Classification and IFC types are Mapped.
  2. The great and Powerful IFC Project Manager. This Menu allows us to keep our project data organised. 
  3. IFC Type Products.
  4. IFC Property Sets.

These are fundamentals from the IFC Schema that we need to learn in order to share our Data among BIM platforms and professionals using an Open BIM approach. Once we have understood these concepts, we will be able to avoid Data loss when sharing our project’s information with other stakeholders.

4 – OpenBIM – Quantities (5D)

In Archicad we can extract Quantities from elements and their components. In this video we describe how the Quantities that we can extract in Archicad (Both at element and component level), are mapped to the IFC4 Schema when we export our project from Archicad to Open BIM Format. There are many BIM solutions on the market for 5D Calculations using IFC based Files. This means that QTO can be performed using only IFC based files. In order to allow this we need to learn how to export the Quantities Parameters using IFC schema.

More Videos for the Empowering BIM Sessions will be coming very soon. The videos will be about Open BIM but also about other topics such as Documentation, Modelling, Collaboration, Computational Design and More…

Stay tune for more Video-tutorials and Articles!

Thank you for reading us!