Enzyme turns 2 years old

Dear Friends,
The past 8th of April 2017 Enzyme APD Ltd turned 2 years old. I know that some of you understand the challenges that a entrepreneur architecture office faces during the first years of life.. That is why we feel so good to be able to say that we are still alive and strong. First of all we want to thank to all of you who follow us and support us from all over the world. Still a long way to go for us, but at least we already see the result of 2 years of a lot of work, energy and perseverance.

During the last 2 years our team has been through very different kind of projects working on every scale and environment. As you may have seen we worked in several masterplans, architecture projects large to medium size and also interior design. In total 62 Projects in 10 different countries in between Europe and Asia.

We are very proud to see what can be achieved in just two years of hard work.. Some of them already built and in use by our clients and others on the way to become real vey soon..

We are happy to say that during this short but exhausting journey we had the chance to meet and collaborate with great professionals as our partners in Dubai, Tasmeem. We also successfully worked with office and professionals from Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Hungary, UK, US, South America..

One of the main reasons why we created this blog is to share our BIM workflow we use to develop projects of every kind and scale. Thanks to this blog we also got in contact with people from every were that have a deep knowledge of BIM and use it as well in their daily practice, not only as a production method but as a design tool as well.
We have been using ARCHICAD as our battle horse to face all these challenging projects..  As Hong Kong is a great hub to meet and connect with professionals, ARCHICAD is a great platform to connect workflows and tools in between Architects and other stakeholders of the industry.


We had also the privilege of participating in important seminars in Hong Kong, invited by the HKIBIM, HK University, BIM Technology day by Graphisoft and very soon the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017. But we also shared our experience in BILT Asia 2017 in Singapore, F.C.U Taichung in Taiwan and also Indonesia. We had the chance to meet the Building Department of Hong Kong to help to develop a road map for implementing BIM officials in Hong Kong projects. We still think that a better, more sustainable and efficient way of develop projects can be a reality everywhere.

After this short wrap up of the last intense two years of life we want to give our special thanks to all of you that supported us and shared experiences and knowledge from every where in the globe. We believe that much more is yet to come.. Have good energy and illusion for the future!
Thank you