Hello Friends,

Here we have another short/easy post about enriching the BIM Library of our project. The second video of Enhancing BIM Libraries is ready!

First of all, in the previous video we learned how to import objects of products and equipments from different file formats into Archicad. The fact that we can import all these file formats (Rhinoceros – 3dm; Revit Families – rfa; 3D Studio – 3ds; StereoLithography – stl; SketchUp – skp; IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes) – ifc) make us able to access almost all products and equipments available in online catalogues!

In this short video we learn how to clean and convert the objects we imported – using the methods learned on the previous video – into native Archicad Library Parts.

After this, the representation of these objects in 2D floor plan will be much cleaner and accurate, and it would be easier to access and modify the attributes of these objects. This process offer a great flexibility to users that wish to enrich their project library with products from almost any product catalogue.

So thanks to this simple easy steps, our new additions to our project’s library will be more organised and will be easier to use by our team for future projects.

If you wish to further create your own objects in Archicad you might be also interested in learning Library Part Maker and Param-O. Have a look to the links below:

Learn about Param-O with ready to use sample scripts on this Article from GRAPHISOFT Community


On the link below we can find the Library Part Maker manual and more about the LMP template to start creating your own objects from the samples available:


Thank you for reading us and we hope you found this content useful!