Design Strategies 2: From Massing to BIM

The whole BIM process starts with Massing and Design
From Morph To Architecture3
Parametric shaped slabs within morph geometry

Most of professionals related to the construction industry already know the big advantages of working in BIM in terms of documentation management, information, coordination and data extracted from a 3D model. On a previous post we spoke about some useful features of modeling in a BIM environment like ARCHICAD. However, for a lot of firms and architects it is still not clear the advantages of working in BIM at the design stage of a project.

In this post you will find the first short video tutorial published on the Enzyme Asia Blog. We will show how to start developing a full 3D model in an appropriate BIM environment based on a simple Morph massing. At the design stage of a project you probably will find very useful been able to track the data out of your model to keep developing project.

The main features of this tutorial are two:

1. Modeling slabs elements and make them match a particular geometry already defined by a morph.

2. Track the information of the Surface of those slabs in an automatized Schedule.

Achieving these easy two step is the key to start building a BIM directly from your concept model. As a matter of fact developing a project in BIM from the beginning with the correct workflow can save time, save mistakes and improve coordination and management of the information, making any design more successful for its communication and execution.

From Massing to BIM from EnzymeApd on Vimeo.
Design Strategies 2: From Morph to Architecture tutorial.