Control your project with BIMx. It has never been that easy..


From Enzyme APD we always encouraged our customers to embrace all benefits that BIM can give to them. We actually encourage everyone involved in any kind of Architectural project.. For architects, engineers and professionals it gives a better control of the project and in our own experience it really improves the project development and results. But we are very keen as well in help our customers and project users to understand how they can take advantage of the use of BIM. That is why today I want to write about BIMx.

For us BIMx is the most interactive BIM viewer in the market. It is the 2016 Architizer A+ Award Winner and has also received the Construction Computing Award 2013 – Mobile technology of the year.


In our daily work and collaboration with customers we use it as the basic platform for communicating design ideas, project’s development and any kind of information regarding a project. Is easy and I would also say that is fun. Sometimes I find myself looking at details of my projects in my phone when I am on the Bus or the MTR.

*Video source: Graphisoft© Thanks.

For me the most important thing about BIM visualisers is that gives to everyone the chance to enjoy the advantages of developing a project in BIM without the necessity of knowing any BIM software. And that is the key point. BIM is a way to ensure your project is developed in an accurate and logic way. I do not want my clients to learn ARCHICAD for example because they don’t need to. I want them to understand the benefits of “myself” as an architect using ARCHICAD for them.


Have you ever use BIMx urself? Still haven’t seen anyone that doesn’t feels fascinated when using it. Actually nowadays some of our customers ask for a BIMx Hyper Model rather than renderings… And it makes sense. A beautiful image is powerful and convincing. Is a good way of understanding an idea and also selling it. But it doesn’t gives you any control or understanding of the insights of a project. Personally I still like renderings because I recognise myself as a lover of powerful images for transmitting ideas. That is why I still produce rendering inside my office or outsource them as a part of a presentation that afterwards I will show to my customer on my I Pad. The big difference is that that presentation is inside my Hyper model and is connected with the BIM model and can display a lot of information of the project.


Apart from being a great communicating tool is very useful to use BIMx for site coordination. You can contrast easily the development of works with your model. It is also easy to communicate with the different agents involved by using it. You can send messages and do mark ups and share them with everyone. In my experience is easier and more efficient do a mark up on a drawing or in top of the 3D model in my tablet rather than use drawings in paper for the same purpose. And just for communicating with other professionals believe me, is much more clear.


Very soon in our website we will upload samples of Hyper-Models we have done for our own projects for people to download and try them. Another potential that we recently discovered is about creating Hyper Models of projects that were not developed in ARCHICAD or even BIM.. We constantly collaborate with architects and professionals that use Rhino – Grasshopper, Autocad, Sketchup, 3DS, Cinema 4D, etc.. So we end up quite often having elements in our model that are not native or even coming from a BIM platform. We often want as well to attach to our BIM files some PDF or DWG that are not connected directly with the model. Well now I can tell you that we manage to create BIMx Hyper Models with documentation connected to the model that was not produced with a BIM tool. Let me explain this with simple words: I can take your Sketchup model and PDF or DWGs drawings and create a BIMx hyper model for your client. I think is quite awesome..


As we said before, BIM is for everyone. You don’t need to be an architect, engineer, contractor or professional. Do you want to have your whole project under control inside your smartphone? Do you want to be able to check all documentation, renders, drawings, information, manufactures brands, details, etc.. without opening a computer? Feel free to ask us anything about it. Have a look to the video tutorials regarding the use of BIMx that are available in youtube and in GRAPHISOFT website.

It has never been this easy..

Thanks for reading us!