Computational Design with Archicad

Today I was feeling a bit nostalgic from the traveling and good times spent in conferences and events the years prior to this new reality of COVID. Reviewing some of the online webinars and conferences we were part of, I found this webinar series we did for BCA and our friends from Graphisoft Singapore.

The webinar is part of a series of 6 videos exploring different aspects of the implementation of computational design in architectural and interior design projects using Archicad as a platform for interchange and as a central repository of information and geometry.

For us learning about computational design and BIM has been the big highlight of the last 5 years. The application of these technologies and design methodologies helps to improve the project development, automate geometry and data generation, automate the documentation process based on the use of internal object information and metadata, and above all, it’s much more enjoyable!

Somehow happens that every time we manage to optimize or automate a pain point in our process, we get a big rush of adrenaline and joy! The ultimate goal of course is to improve the difficult life-work balance that we have in our industry.

Hope you enjoy the webinars and please feel free to ask any questions or reach out for collaborations!