CIC Hong Kong provides ARCHICAD training by Enzyme.


Hong Kong keeps making moves to implement BIM in the Construction Industry. The Construction Industry Council (CIC) provides very various trainings of different disciplines regarding Architecture, Engineering and Construction. There is a new BIM Center in the CIC facilities that provides training in different BIM Softwares including ARCHICAD.
As the official ARCHICAD training center in Hong Kong, Enzyme APD provides different trainings for architects, engineers, students, etc.. We were selected to provide the first official ARCHICAD courses at the BIM Center in the CIC. The first short training course for beginners took place less than two weeks ago and the result was incredible..

Elevation created by Trainee
First is important to understand that the background of the trainees is very different. It was part of a month BIM course where all trainees were about to learn for the first time a good number of BIM tools, quite a challenge. ARCHICAD is very intuitive and friendly so I am happy to say that the students enjoyed their achievements.
The exercise was about modelling a small Villa following a Hong Kong typical typology that populates the surroundings of the city. The aim of the course was to be able to complete a small project to get familiar with the modelling tools of ARCHICAD, but also be able to export a set of drawings, understand the Environment of an ARCHICAD project, and use the information that can be input in the model.

3D Document created by Trainee
Apart from the exercise there was an exam that the trainees needed to go through after it. During the 3 Day course we also explore some more complex tools and commands in ARCHICAD like Solid Elements Operations that were not included in the original program of the training. For my surprise the trainees learned faster than I expected..
More trainings are yet to come in the BIM center of the CIC in Hong Kong. In case you are interested in learning ARCHICAD and you are based in Hong Kong I suggest you to get in contact with the CIC Hong Kong or even with us to join the next courses.

Perspective of the project from a Trainee´s File
I was surprised of the quality of the facilities for the training. Very well equipped rooms with powerful computers and a good number of big screens that allow the trainees to follow every exercise done by the trainer. It really feels the CIC is making its best to provide profesional BIM training.
We hope to see the local Industry in Hong Kong to move forward to implement a more efficient and smart workflow in order to create a more sustainable and better architecture for the future.