Today is going to be a very short but effective post!
In our last related post we talked about the great control that ARCHICAD gives you over the 2D representation of the 3D elements. We had an overview of how you can apply your own style to your BIM generated drawings.
In ARCHICAD the graphic control comes from the so called “attributes”.
You have different types of attributes. To have an overview of them, you can open the “attribute manager”. There you will find 3 different groups: Layers and layer combinations, zone categories, Cities, Operation Profiles… which are more general. Line types and  fill types which are the 2D Type. And last, Building Materials, Composites, Complex profiles and Surfaces which are 3D related.

Path to the “attribute manager” window.
“attribute manager” window.
Drawings depend mostly on the combination of the 3D group and the 2D representation. That means that, for example, you will set a building material like concrete, to have physical properties, a 3D representation (Surfaces) and a 2D representation in a section and a plan through a cut line and a cut fill.
In this small article, we want to show you that beside the great selection of pre-made fills and line types that come with the standard template of ARCHICAD you can create you own favourites! Combining those with you own pen-set of colours and line weights, you will have total control of your drawings and the way you represent the “super-smart-parametric-BIM-3D elements”, creating beautiful drawings!
Custom Lines and Fills
Some line type testing.
Please take a look to the following videos from our friends of Four5six and Robert Mann, they are short but very effective!

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