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Most of the greatest firms nowadays use Rhino & Grasshopper in their workflow at conceptual stages of the projects.”

As we mentioned in our last post, we are very excited about this Rhino/GH – Archicad live connection.
Most of the greatest firms nowadays use Rhino/Grasshopper in their workflow at conceptual stages of the projects. Algorithmic design allows you to implement a series of rules in your design. That can translate in interesting form explorations, optimisation of divers parameters (environmental, economical factors, building regulations…) and rationalisation of construction methods. In any case triggers your creativity, allowing painless exploration within the set of constrains that drive the project.
This last reason is what in our case leaded us to the BIM. Archicad allowed us to try different solutions and combinations painlessly, never worried about how to document and describe those options in drawings or 3d images. But for few years we missed the chance to implement seamlessly the algorithmic design in our workflow, just because it was too much work to go back and forth working in different platforms and importing and exporting “dead” geometry each time and the only other option was using the live connection with Cinema4D which worked great but was not precise enough for our work.


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Image courtesy of BIG.
The world famous architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) is known for pushing the limits of the parametric design using Rhino, Grasshopper and scripting tools, but when it came to project development they tried different BIM solutions and discovered ARCHICAD as the preferred tool for the designers in their studio. It was from far the most flexible, intuitive and easy to learn. Is mainly thanks to them, who pushed Graphisoft to develop the right plugin to combine both 3 tools.
The Rhino – Grasshopper -ARCHICAD plugin is still in a very initial phase of development enabling only few tools to be used inside Grasshopper, but is a great step forward to enrich the incredibly intuitive BIM workflow that ARCHICAD is already providing to architects and designers.
Check out this super brief introduction video to learn how it works!